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Do you want to see the sunrise? Escape from the warmest and busiest hours of the day? Night climb is for you...

Do you want climb Pico mountain during daytime, without carrying extra weight? Come for a Day Climb...

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Best things to do in Pico, Azores



Starting Point: Mountain's House

Finishing Point: Mountain's House

Dificulty: Hard

Extension: aprox. 8 Km (up and down)

Minimum Elevation: 1230m (Mountain's House)

Maximum Elevation: 2351m (Piquinho)

Estimated Duration (day climb): 8h to 9h

Estimated Duration (night climb): 9h to 10h

Shape:  Linear

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     With 2351 meters high (7713 ft), Pico mountain is the highest point of Portugal and the third biggest vulcano of the Atlantic Ocean. To reach the top is doubtless a chalenge to most of its visitors and it will be apleasure to guide your through this adventure, starting at the mountain’s house at 1230m (4035 ft), where we register and each person receives a GPS that will track us during the hike, for safety purposes.

     The hikking trail is 8km long (up and down) and it has 47 poles marking the right way until the crater. Along the trail we will be able to see several geological formations, fauna and flora with some unique species and also know a bit of the history of the island. The ground changes constantly and has some slipery zones that along with the steepness makes this hike to be classified as medium/hard. You don’t need to be an athlete, but good physical conditions are important and as better prepared you are, easier it will be. No worries, we will adjust to your rhythm!

     We will make some stops along the way so you can have a little rest, take some pictures and have something to eat/drink. On the summit, you will be able to experience new sensations, and we will be glad to be part of it! If it is not too crowded we can have our meal here, it will be as better as what you take up there ;) Normally on the high season we have our meals on the crater so everyone can enjoy the top, since the number of persons here and the time to stay is limited, but we still can have our meal with a panoramic view.

     If on the way up the requirement is more cardio-respiratory, in the descent the knees and feet are the most affected, and the majority of visitors considers this the most difficult part ... think of some games that we can share in these moments!



you can either be inside a cloud or above it

you can either see the islands of the central group or have them magically hidden

it doesn’t depend on us, but remember that





Pico Hike


  • The climb starts in the earlly morning so we can enjoy the most at our rhythm... we can adjust to the group schedule needs but it is better if we start as soon as the sun comes out so we can do a more comfortable hike up in the shade of the mountain.
  • ​This activity usually takes between 8 to 9 hours, depending on the group. The most important is that you enjoy it with no hurries.
  • Normally our groups are limited to 9 persons (by the rules each guide can take up to 12) so the guide can pay more attention to the needs of each one. The minimum is 2 persons, in case of a single person the price applied is the double.



  • Mountain fee, insurance and certified guide.



  • Mountain's House, to avoid contact in close places the guide will meet you at the starting point of the trail (Transportation not available).




Duration: 8 to 9 hours

8/9 pax by guide

55 €/pax

1st April to 30th September



Day Climb to Pico Mountain


  • We start during the night… the goal is to reach the summit right before the sunrise and have breakfast delighted with the view.  
  • This activity usually takes between 9 to 10 hours, depending on the group.
  • Normally our groups are limited to 9 persons (by the rules each guide can take up to 12) so the guide can pay more attention to the needs of each one. The minimum is 2 persons, in case a single person the price applied is the double.


  • Mountain fee, insurance and certified guide.
  • Headlamps*

* Availability dependent on group size


  • Mountain's House, to avoid contact in close places the guide will meet you at the starting point of the trail (Transportation not available)


  • Normally it is cold, even in summer so warm clothes are important, mainly when we are waiting for the sunrise. For a safe and comfortable activity is important to come well equipped... see equipment>

Duration: 9 to 10 hours

2-8 pax


1 July June to 30 September



Day Climb to Pico Mountain




Shoes, Clothes and accessories

  • Hiking boots/shoes with good grip, preferentially boots (your nails and ankles will be thankful if you choose boots)

  • Breathable t-shirt (first layer), long leaves will protect you better from the sun

  • Warm jacket or pull-over (second layer), bring it on a waterproof/plastic bag to keep it dry if on you backpack

  • Trousers (not jeans nor leggings), better if you have as well some waterproof pants

  • Waterproof/breathable jacket (third layer), because the weather can change fast

  • Waterproof/warm gloves, even in summer can be windy and cold up there (a pair of socks can work as well for cold)

  • Head cover (hat, bonnet, Buff)

  • Sun screen, so you can enjoy the rest of your holidays

  • Trekking poles, your knees will thank you later (we can lend you at least one)

  • Comfortable backpack, better with hip belt (minimum size recommended: 20lt so you have space for clothes if you need)

  • Backpack cover, it may rain at any moment


Water and food

  • Water, we recommend 2L (minimum 1,5lt, if you drink a lot bring 3lt)
  • High-energy snacks (dry fruits, energy bars or chocolate are good options)
  • Some Sandwiches, to eat on the top and along the way 

* we don´t recommended to take alcohol

Other useful items

  • Sunglasses
  • Change clothes (you can leave it in the car or the Mountain’s House)
  • waterproof bag(s) to protect your belongings
  • Cellphone and/or camera (on waterproof/plastic bag to protect it from rain)


If you don’t have some of the items lets us know!

Why a guide? Why atiPICO?

If you are, or not, a mountain trekker, a guide can make your life easier:

  • We will guide trough the path, so you don’t need to think too much about finding the best way. Pico mountain is a singular and fragile ecosystem that takes a long time to recover, so keeping you on the path avoids stepping on the plants, minimizing the impact.
  • Weather changes fast and with fog it may not be easy to spot the poles… guides are experienced knowing the trail
  • Along the way we will show you the particularities of this natural reserve: geology, fauna and flora. We love to talk so feel free to ask any question about what you see, us, the island or the Azores… we will answer the best we know.
  • We can provide some equipment that you may need, like the hiking poles
  • We prefer small groups, 8/9 is normally our maximum per guide, so we ca provide you some individualized support each step
  • Fees and insurance are included. 

Still some doubts, just send them on the message area on the contact form

Tips to enjoy the Mountain... 

  • Come with a guide. Come with us! We will make our best to provide you an enjoyable and safe journey.
  • Follow the guide footsteps. Pico mountain is a singular and fragile ecosystem, so keeping you on the path avoids stepping on the plants
  • Leave some days available for this activity, forecast change a lot here!
  • Prepare yourself, do as much walk you can before coming, better if you can go up and down some hills.
  • Get used to your shoes Wear the shoes/boots you have chosen for the climb a few times before.
  • Have a good sleep the night before, it will give you more energy.
  • Take only photos & Leave only footsteps. Mount Pico is a natural reserve. Don’t take any rocks, minerals or plants. PLEASE bring your trash back or give it to your guide. Less plastic better, compost if you can!


  • weather forecast can be unstable! RAIN, WIND & COLD can surprise us anytime, please follow the recommended list to come prepared for all kind of conditions!
  • night temperatures can be really low (down to 0ºC), please come prepared for COLD conditions while waiting for SUNRISE!

The climb may not be allowed and deposit not returned:

  • if the climber doesn’t have the MANDATORY EQUIPMENT for the practice of this activity 
  • if the climber’s boots/shoes don´t have GOOD GRIP. Please don´t bring boots/shoes with flat sole or that haven't been used for a long time because the sole tends to dry and fall off.
  • hikking boots/shoes
  • rain jacket
  • backpack
  • food and water (min. 1,5lt)


EXTRA MANDATORY for NIGHT CLIMB & UNSTABLE WEATHER: Warm jackets | Trousers (not jeans nor leggings), if you have also waterproof trousers better | Warm/waterproof hat and gloves


EXTRA RECOMMENDED for UNSTABLE WEATHER: Waterproof backpack cover | Important belongings protected from rain (like clothes, cell phones, wallets, etc...)


As some SECONDARY ROADS ARE IN BAD CONDITIONS, the best way to get the mountain's house is to use the MAIN ROADS as on the routes we suggest on the map, despite any other recommendation from GPS



If you don’t know these roads and once there is always a chance to get fog or find cows in the middle of the road, it is better to count on a longer duration than what your GPS predicts and as we recommend on the map.

HOW to GET THE mountain's HOUSE

mountain's house map




  • All activities include briefing and are accompaniment by a certified guide;

  • All the activities are covered by an insurance of civil responsibility and personal accidents (maximum age is 75);

  • Prices include the entrance fee to Pico Mountain’s Natural Reserve;

  • Prices do not include equipment, meals or transportation;

  • The activity begins at the mountain house;

  • The client assigns to the atiPICO all rights over the photographic material or films, made during the activities, and authorizes its use by atiPICO, namely sending it to all the participants, and eventual social media posts. If you do not want to, you must inform us before the activity starts.



  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they are in good physical and health conditions that are necessary to perform the activities;

  • The client is responsible for its own personal conduct;

  • Choosing to be guided, the client must respect the guides decisions and recommendations, which always aim for the safety of each participant and the group; Therefore, the guide may decide that one or more hikers should stop the activity at any point;

  • The company is not responsible by accidents resulting from the client’s imprudence or disrespect to the guides recommendations;

  • The company is not responsible for the client’s belongings;

  • The client is responsible for the geolocation equipment (GPS) given by the mountain house to all visitors. In case of damaging or losing it, a 300€ fee will be charged;

  • Please don't leave any debris in the mountain, including organic leftovers or toilet paper;

  • Pico Mountain is a Natural Reserve, to reduce our impact please follow the guide and the path chosen by him, and avoid stepping on plants and taking plants or rocks.



  • The activities depend on spots available, so any request will only be confirmed after receiving all the personal data requested, for insurance activation and registrations, plus the payment of the deposit (25€ per person);



  • AtiPICO reserves the right to cancel the activity before it starts (charging 5€ per person to cover costs with booking management) when weather conditions make it impracticable and/or the safety conditions are not fulfilled, being refunded the remaining value of the deposit.

  • If the reservations are cancelled by the client up to 72 hours before the activity, only the booking management fee (5€ per person) will be charged and the remaining value of the deposit returned;

  • If the client cancels the reservation between the 72 and 24 hours before the activity, the deposit (25€ per person) will not be refunded, due to expenses and conflicts with other bookings;

  • If the client cancels the reservation within the 24 hours before the activity | No-show | Excessive delay | Lack of the mandatory equipment, full value will be charged;

  • Once an activity has been initiated, its total value will be charged, even if it is not completed: Due to physical incapacity or customer withdrawal; When weather conditions or other, make it impracticable to continue; When the safety conditions are not fulfilled.

Weather Forecast

Pico mountain azores forecast
Pico mountain azores forecast
Pico mountain azores forecast


View from PICO

Mountain Base

View from FAIAL


View from SÃO JORGE


View from PICO

Lajes do Pico

Pico mountain azores forecast
Pico mountain azores forecast





Mónica and Nuno love to hike and since 2005 they have been doing it regularly, starting with different tracks across Portugal and deciding in 2012 to embark on a two-year backpacking adventure, "walking through" all the countries of South America. Some of the best hikes were Mount Roraima in Venezuela, the Lost City in Colombia, in the Galapagos in Ecuador, the Cordillera Blanca and Machu Picchu in Peru, Salar Uyuni in Bolivia, in the various Andean range Parks between Chile and Argentina, such as Torres del Paine, Conguillillo, Alercer and Glaciers.
In 2014 they returned to Pico Island where they seek to create and live in an environmentally sustainable space, in harmony with Nature, which they love to explore... especially the climb to the highest point of Portugal, where they will be pleased to guide you in a diferent experience.


Daniel has discover his passion for hiking and climbing mountains when he moved from Lisbon to the Azores back in 2009, when he climbed Pico mountain for the first time.

In 2016 he decided to quit his old jobs has a developer and music teacher  to volunteer in communities and sustainable projects around South America for more than 2 years. During this period he did a lot of trekking and climbing in several Natural Parks and mountains al over the continent like Roraima (Venezuela), Chapada Diamantina, Aparados da Serra (Brazil), Machu Picchu (Perú), Salar Uyuni (Bolivia), San Pedro de Atacama desert, Torres del Paine, Vale de Cochamó (Chile), Ushuaia, Peninsula Valdez, El Bolsón, Bariloche, El Chaltén (Argentina), Tayrona (Colombia) and more.

He came back to Pico island in 2019 to start a sustainable and ecological project choosing to go back to be a music teacher and to became a mountain guide joining atiPICO team and provide you an atypical experience climbing the highest point of Portugal.


You can do your BOOKING REQUEST trought bellow form or our email, phone or whatsapp contact.

As soon as possible, we will answer to you by email informing about our availability. CHECK your SPAM BOX please if you don´t get it in 48hours.


If you have several days available for this activity, please inform us!


(+351) 915340487 | 919991776


Rua Eng. Falcão s/n, 9930-147 Lajes do Pico

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